The Littletons of Chark Farm

Horse and cart rides and country side

There have been Littletons at Chark as far as records go back. The family were tenant farmers on the Lanhydrock Estate. Clive Littleton was born here, but moved at the age of 2 with his parents to Pullington Farm in nearby Sweetshouse.
In 1978 we purchased Pullington Farm from the Estate, founding the dairy herd with 10 cows, milked into buckets, and later Chark Farm when Clive’s uncle John was ready to retire as the last tenant of the farm.
The dairy unit at Chark was built in the early 90’s and we moved the cows across (by foot down the main road!)
The barns were converted and the stables built during 2002/2004 with help of diversification grants, and the first lettings were in July 2003.

We are currently downsizing the dairy herd with a view to ending milk production by the end of 2015 - we are getting old!
Our milk is sold to a local dairy, Trewithen, and is supplied as bottled milk to ASDA, some goes to Kelly’s ice cream factory in Bodmin, and products are sold to a number of small outlets such as garages and corner shops. The clotted cream is particularly good.

Once the dairy cows are gone we will produce beef, planning to keep 300 -400 head. Still lots of work, but no milking to do and not the relentless late night work

As well farming Chark and Pullington we rent several other small farms in the area, a total of about 500 acres.

Our two sons are not interested in taking on the farm. Our eldest son Peter has a Law Degree with German, and is currently studying at a seminary in Guildford. Our youngest son, Martin, is at 6th form college in Truro. He plans to study Bsc Computer Science in the north tip of the Netherlands starting in September!
Our daughter Becky is a competent horsewoman, and earns her living breaking, schooling and producing competition horses, as Head Girl in the team of TB Equestrian on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Becky is passionate about eventing and currently competes at British Eventing 2* events.  We've usually got a couple of young horses at Chark, minding them while they grow up and become ready to start work.