Self Catering Holiday Cottage Accommodation

Five spacious and high quality holiday cottages have been tastefully created from a courtyard of granite buildings. You can choose from three 2 bedroom cottages or two 1 bedroom cottages, with the unique possibility of combining for larger families or groups.

Mesyow Chy 


Mesyow Chy (Fields House) Sleeps 4 guests with a Double bedroom and a Double/Twin bedroom This cottage has full wheelchair access if required.

 Lowarth Chy Lounge


Lowarth Chy (Garden House) Sleeps 4 guests with a King Double bedroom and a Double/Twin bedroom.


Mesyow Chy and Lowarth Chy are attached and it is possible to open a connection through a ground floor bedroom, this works well for large parties, and gives them use of a huge private garden and patio area.

 Ysla Chy


Ysla Chy (Granary House)  Sleeps 4 guests with two Double/Twin bedrooms.

 Fenten Chy


Fenten Chy (Fountain House) Sleeps 2 guests with one King-size bedroom.


Ysla Chy and Fenten Chy are attached and it is possible to open up a hidden connection through the upstairs living rooms to form a stunningly spacious three bedroom cottage, sleeping up to 6 guests




Skyber  Sleeps 2 guests with a King-size bedroom. We can however accommodate a further 1 or 2 guests with Single or Bunk Beds. This cottage also has the advantage of wheelchair access. This is more suited for the part time wheelchair user with limited mobility.