Pets Welcome in Our Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages

 Kelly the Chark Farm cattle dog pets welcomeWe are very happy to accommodate well behaved pets (generally dogs!) here at Chark Farm. Bringing your dog can enrich your holiday, though it is a different experience because some activities may be limited, such as eating out, going to local attractions etc.

There are lots of local country walks which your pet will love, and we have fields and woods on the farm for you to explore. You may just need to check where the cows are grazing before entering the fields.

We provide guides to the beaches which allow dogs all year around; there are more than you might expect, and there are also a few pubs locally where you can take your dog even if you are eating inside.

There is a small charge of £30 per stay whether you bring one or two dogs. However careful you are it does take longer to ensure that all traces of the animal are removed before the next guests arrive.

Dogs welcome at Chark Farm Tess the terrierUnfortunately we cannot accept puppies under 1 year.

Guests are expected to ensure that their animals are under good control and not left to run free without supervision, and to respect other guests who may not be so keen on our canine friends. We do not require that dogs remain on the lead  when outside as long as they are under good control.  As well as the farm livestock we have domestic animals in the paddock and stables which must not be chased.

Dogs must never be left unattended in the cottages, unless they are happy to be confined in their own crate. They must not be allowed to sleep on the beds or furniture, so please bring their own familiar dog bed.

Please bring your own towels for your dog and make sure he is clean before coming into the cottage.

Please also ensure that your dog's flea treatment and worming regimes are up to date.


We recommend Skyber, Lowarth Chy or Mesyow Chy when staying with your pet, as these cottages have enclosed gardens.