Environmental Policy

We care passionately about the countryside in which we live and farm. 

In order to care for it and lessen our impact we have implemented an number of measures.

We have taken out most of the oil burning boilers and replaced them with a central log gasification boiler which is very efficient and is carbon neutral. We are investigating the viability of growing our own miscanthus for heating so that we can be self sufficient in the future. Update - we have planted several acres of Miscanthus (eleohant grass) which will take 2 to 3 years to establish before we can start the annual cropping. The crop needs no artificial stimulants or pesticides.

We encourage our guests to sort their refuse for recycling to help keep our contribution to landfill as small as possible and we compost as much as possible - though there is not much food waste left after the animals in pets' paddock have dealt with it!

Although we are a bit off any bus and train routes we give guests ideas for car free days out, there are lots of lovely walks around here, and you can walk to Lanhydrock House for a day out.  We also have a couple of bikes to lend out and it is possible to cycle to Eden Project in 30 to 50 minutes, then qualifying for a reduced entry fee. We have had guests arrive and stay with just their bicycles, it's surprising how far you can get out and about - however Cornwall's landscape does undulate rather, so it can be a bit challenging. The rise of electric bikes does help with that, we have yet to invest in that technology.

Where possible we use environment friendly cleaning products and low energy lighting.

We have solar panels on the farm shed roofs and also on one cottage roof contributing clean energy to the national grid and we are currently exploring the possibility of a wind turbine to produce clean pollution free electricity.

We are proud to have been given the Green Acorn award by SECTA for our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.

green acorn