Well we had to hit the ground running! We have been full up ever since July 4th, any cancellations got snapped straight up. Glad to say all our self-catering guests have been sensible and respectful and everyone has kept safe. It’s been a lot of work implementing the extra sanitising protocols on top of our normal deep clean between guests, but we have managed. The Cornwall weather has been kind too, not completely wall to wall sunshine, but no-one had more than a couple of rainy days during their week’s stay. Bit blustery this weekend. Next weekend we have the first space since opening, available for weeks and short breaks, up until fully booked half-term week. We decided not to open the calendar for next year just yet, still waiting to see how the pandemic progresses, as it does not look too good at the moment. We also won’t open Christmas/New Year this year. Wishing you all a safe Autumn

Guests enjoyed riding the e-bikes to Padstow and back

Lovely day at Lantic Bay beach in mid-September with Milo