What a lovely end to the season we had with two busy half term weeks. The weather was kind and we were able to get out with the ponies and carts and all the other usual animal activities. Quieter now although we still have guests in right through December, especially in Mesyow Chy. These are the sort of guests that like a quiet bolthole in the Autumn, and enjoy the warmth from our biomass heating whatever the weather.

Clive is now busy with his decorating skills, fixing bits and pieces. Keeps suggesting we go off on a holiday break but I am keen to get it all done first! Particularly as I have one hand in plaster, after a bit of repair work to tendons last week.

Some of you will already know this but for the last half of 2018 and the first part of 2019 we thought this year could be our last season, as my health was rapidly worsening. We knew about the Coeliac disease but in spite of my rigid gluten free diet I was becoming weaker, losing weight, my balance deteriorated badly and I was suffering numerous unbearable headaches and bouts of extreme nausea. Then in late March it all came to a head (literally!) when I was admitted urgently to neurosurgery in Devon to have a large meningioma removed from my brain! After several weeks convalescence my energy returned I felt on top of the world! I feel like the clock has turned back a couple of years. I am so grateful to family and friends for covering while I was in such a state. So thankful for the busy season we had too, given that I did almost no promotions at all for 18 months. So it’s all systems go again!

With thoughts turning to Christmas we just have one cottage left available in the festive season. Mesyow Chy is available for both Christmas and half term weeks, flexible start dates and length of stay. Always plenty to do and see in Cornwall in December with Christmas lights, fairs and processions. Give us a call/email if you decide you need a Cornwall fix.

Bookings for next year’s school holidays have built up, there are only a few spaces left. Do look soon if you are thinking of coming with the family next year. And for those of you not tied to school holidays we have plenty of space in between.

Don’t forget the E-bikes that are now available for adult guests!

May I take this early opportunity to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas from Cornwall!

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