I hope you all had a lovely time over Christmas and New Year. We enjoyed time with family, and friends and guests and also managed a quick Twixmas break in London with family too. We also had a short “retreat” in Devon last week just Clive and me. We may sneak in just one more event this month while things are quiet, and having considered places like Lanzarote for the sun, Budapest for the culture I think we are opting for a trip on the beloved e-bikes. In the meantime I’ve got Clive working on the barns again, sanding and painting. Can’t wait for half-term which is booked with regular returning guests but we do just have Fenten Chy (the one bedroom one) still available week beginning Sat 15th February or for a flexible start short break. Hoping the weather will let us out and about for lots of activity. Time to get Rollo and Jasmine going, they’ve had a rest over winter while my hand recovers from a minor repair op. Amazing how many things you cant do with only one hand!

Looking further forward to Easter we still have a couple of spaces for Easter week. I’m so looking forward to the longer days. I’ll be getting some new hens to add to the flock just before the school holidays start so we should have some lovely eggs for breakfast.

The goats, pigs and guinea pigs are all indoors now, the paddock got so wet. They dont seem to mind, I was worried the goats and pigs would be bored, but they seem happy to just eat and sleep! By Easter they should all be roaming around outside again.

If you feel like a last minute short break any time before Easter while our beautiful Cornwall is still quiet (you might want to walk or cycle off those pounds gained over the festive season…) watch the weather forecast and give us a call or email, even the day before and we’ll be pleased to see you!