All holiday accommodation in England is required to close, so we currently cannot accept guests here at Chark Farm. We are writing to booked guests on a rolling basis, to arrange postponement of their holidays. We hope that the situation will be under control quickly so that we can start welcoming you all here again. In the meantime we are looking after all the animals, I am still driving Rollo so that he doesn’t get too fat, and will start on Jasmine soon. The goats, pigs and guinea pigs are enjoying being back in their summer home, but the goats and pigs are missing all the loving attention they usually have from you. Mr Gander is being particularly vicious this spring, it takes two of us to house them each evening. He’s “got” me several times! Clive is busy ploughing and planting some of the environmental areas, and we are planning what vegetables to grow. I actually feel guilty about being “locked down” in such a beautiful place. We are also getting out on our e-bikes for our “one exercise per day”. We’ll have lots of ideas for routes to send you off on. It’s surprising how far you can go in a couple of hours when you have assistance up those hills! Wishing you all good health through this strange time xxx