When I wrote in April I did not think we would still be closed now! We have been getting on with things during this quiet time, still have the animals to look after. The grass situation has got quite severe during the extended warm dry period, so temporarily the pigs and remaining cow have gone out to the piece of moorland at the bottom of the field across the road from the main gate. We did put the goats there too thinking they would enjoy foraging the abundant herbaceous growth but they came back to the yard within 2 hours! So they are now sharing the pets paddock with Jasmine, Rollo and Dreamer the ponies.

We’ve continued exploring on the e-bikes and have discovered some lovely off road routes that we can share when guests return. We are awaiting announcement from the government (probably next week) on when we can open again. July 4th has been mooted and it seems SC accommodation will be at the front of the queue, but we just have to wait and see so watch this space for the next information.

I hope you are all keeping well and able to cope with the strange new way of life this year and we hope to see many of you soon x