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Accessible Cottage at Chark Farm

Mesyow Chy is a large semi-detached wheelchair accessible cottage set in an attractive courtyard of converted granite barns.

It is a very spacious single-storey cottage, with level access to the front and rear, and parking right outside the door.

There are two large bedrooms, a double room (bed has space under for hired hoist if necessary we also have bed blocks to raise the height if needed) and a twin divan bedded room which can also be set up as a double room, with zip and link beds.

The large bathroom has  grab rails, basin with knee space under, and a walk/roll-in shower with adjustable shower chair, and toilet seat raiser.

Transfer space is to the right hand as you sit on the toilet.

The kitchen has adaptations such as a low level ceramic hob and sink with knee space under.

The lounge area includes an electric rise and recline chair.

There are level patios to the front and back, and a lawn to the rear.

There is level access to the duck pond and pets paddock.

We live on site, and are happy to assist you in any way during your stay

The cottage was previously graded M3A level and 4 star Gold but we withdrew from the scheme as it is extremely expensive. However the facilities are all still as they were.

Previous wheelchair using guests have highly praised the cottage, and many of them have immediately re-booked their next holiday.

The cottage is just as popular with our more able bodied guests.

We can arrange hire at cost of any necessary equipment such as hoists from a local firm.