hens at chark farm holiday cottage cornwall
goats at holiday cottage chark farm cornwall
pig at chark farm holiday cottage cornwall

Children (and grown-ups!) of all ages love our friendly animals. You can help at feeding time every morning at 8.30 (if you are up!) but you can also visit the paddock at any time during the day.    The friendly hens are laying eggs so you should be able to pick up a fresh laid one for breakfast.                        Ben and Jerry the goats love to get your left over tit bits as do Cupig and Stewpig the Kune Kunes. When there's no food around they love a good rub.  The guinea pigs can be gently handled, and love to be fed with dandelion leaves if you can find some. And on the duck pond the tame muscovy ducks are always glad of a bread crust or biscuit.

  We have sadly recently lost our dear old miniature horse Billy (see below pic) He was loved by all over many years.