Availablity now up for 2023

2023 availability now live on the website

After a lovely ride on the e-bikes this morning with this week's guests to Helman Tor (and a sneaky call in at The Crown on the way back...) I have made myself sit down and update availability for next year. Not being a fan of sitting at the computer I find it easy to think of something more interesting to do, in truth this has been happening for the last week or two, but I resolved to get it done today and I  have.  (Next week I must force myself to do the monthly accounts - yawn!)

The low season availability is set for weeks or split weeks starting on a Friday or Monday and these can be booked online. We are quite flexible at this time of year though and through the winter either side of Christmas and New Year, so if you would like a different configuration just call or email us and we will try to fit your requirements. 

Clive and I are planning several bike rides this Autumn and will be trying out some more routes that our guests can take the e-bikes on, either unaccompanied or with Clive along as a guide.