Bike ride to Fowey and Tractor Run

A bike to Fowey to see the Tractors at the Rugby club after their run, a cycle around the town taking in the lovely scenery then an "interesting" ride back to Lostwithiel

Sunday morning was the date for the charity Tractor and Landrover run in aid of Prostate cancer. 180 vehicles gathered at Colwith Farm shop and Distillery.  Becky and her partner took the old farm landrover (Clive had also planned to take another very old Landrover but the prop shaft fell off when on a test run on Saturday) Milo didnt go as he doesnt like rough rides in a rattling old vehicle. Clive went on his e-bike to see them off, and followed them around Lanlivery, but some of the off road bits were rather challenging and he got his mudguards caked with mud. The biomass boiler needed his attention anyway so he headed back to Chark. After lunch we went off on the e-bikes to Lankelly Rugby Club on the outskirts of Fowey where the convoy finished up, after a long morning exploring farms and backroads.  After a bit of a social with the gathered crowd we headed into Fowey to take in some of the iconic views. No wonder it is so popular. 

After a cycle round the town we headed back towards Lostwithiel, using a back roads route that Clive had traversed only once before. He did warn me there was an iffy off road section. One stretch was indeed not cycleable but the walk mode on the e-bikes was great going up a narrow steep and rocky path.  We came out by the entrance to The Silo and then on and down to Milltown, a tiny hamlet under a huge viaduct. From there it was off road through woods and fields until we reached Lostwithiel. Lovely scenic route but will not be one for the winter when the ground gets wet. The tide was really high, lapping onto Coulson Park, see how high the water is at the medieval bridge

From Lostwithiel we cycled along Restormel Road, past Restormel Farm, the waterworks, our miscanthus field and into Lanhydrock Woods. We came up past Jacobs Quarry and exited at the Lodges at Maudlin. Unfortunately the gate was locked so we had to haul the bikes over. The gates used to be open all the time, now just the kissing gate is left for walkers. Another 10 minute cycle and we were home.